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    The Promise of Tomorrow - The eSpace Mission
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    Colorado Matters eSpace Interview

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head-w-logo-low-resLet me be the first to welcome you to eSpace! Order Benadryl online no prescription, My name is Scott Tibbitts.  I am the Executive Director of eSpace, and the founder of an entrepreneurial space company called Starsys Research Corporation.  The creation of Starsys was an amazing experience, starting from a small water heater wax actuator that NASA believed could help them replace explosives on spacecraft and then, over 20 years, developing into one of the world’s leading suppliers of mechanisms for spacecraft.    Through all of this, we came to realize what a unusual and powerful thing an entrepreneurial space company can be – the innovations they spawn, the exciting workplace they can provide, and the passionate workforce they create.

eSpace has been formed to help aerospace entrepreneurs realize their dreams – to  help them start their own journeys, buying Benadryl online over the counter, Where to buy Benadryl, to connect them with technologies and resources they need to be successful, and to encourage their companies as well as their employees.  I believe these companies contribute significantly to the nation’s resources, order Benadryl from United States pharmacy, Canada, mexico, india, and that much good will come from helping them succeed.  I look forward to working and chatting with you here as we look under the hood at not only what makes these companies special, but at how we can help them to thrive.  As “Airborne” Edward Ferguson, purchase Benadryl online no prescription, Where to buy Benadryl, the famous freestyle skier of the ‘70’s, once said, kjøpe Benadryl på nett, köpa Benadryl online, Benadryl samples, “If God would have meant for us NOT to fly, he would have given us roots.”

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One Response to “Order Benadryl Online No Prescription”

  1. Bruce Halvorson Says:

    Heard you guys on NPR this morning and your interview struck a chord with me. The part where you spoke of getting technically inclined younger folks to pursue aerospace as a career even though they may not have engineering degrees is exactly what America needs to be doing. What an awesome program to develop young talent and I just wanted to say good luck and go go go….

    As a younger man (back in the 70′s) I didn’t have the ability to handle an aerospace engineering program but wanted to work in aerospace and defense. My aunt was an aerospace program manger on defense programs and kept encouraging me to just get what technical training I could handle. I eventually achieved a BS in Industrial Arts (while working as a machinist during the summers) and went into Aerospace as a Manufacturing Engineer.

    Through encouragement such as your program displays, I was able to work on many aerospace projects such as the Space Shuttle Speed Brake actuator assembly, missile fuel systems, (this work was pictured in advertisements in AW&ST magazine) afterburner fuel controls,jet engine start subsystem, and many other programs.

    Through these efforts I became very knowledgeable in mechanical CAD/CAM systems and UNIX system administration, and used that knowledge to transition into a very rewarding 20+ year career in IT.

    Encourage those young folks who have the passion as you say but maybe feel pursuing an full engineering degree is not for them.

    It does work and I can testify to that through my life experiences.

    Good Luck and what a great interview to listen too..

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