Colorado aerospace companies stand on the shoulders of their workforce to deliver innovation. The Straight to Space program has been established to develop opportunities for individuals interested in and capable of contributing to our aerospace industry. Candidates for the program include those who:

 [+] Are not currently on a track for a four-year college degree and are interested in a pursuing a position as a technician with an aerospace company,
 [+] Are just graduating from college with an engineering degree, or
 [+] Are experienced technicians or engineers but have not previously worked in the aerospace industry.

We have found that the right people, coupled with the right entrepreneurial space companies, can result in successful on-the-job training programs that bring a candidate "Straight to Space."

The Straight to Space program is designed to help offset the costs of training new employees in the aerospace industry, in general, and in entrepreneurial space companies, specifically. Companies that hire eligible candidates are provided with training grants ranging from $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the candidate’s previous experience. Larger grants are provided for individuals with less experience in the workforce; smaller grants are provided for individuals with a high level of existing experience in a related field or role.

Candidates are not required to have a four-year degree or previous aerospace experience, but we place a heavy emphasis on the ability to excel in an exciting and demanding industry. We are committed to developing a diverse, talented workforce through the S2S program and, therefore, emphasize populations currently under-represented in aerospace.

Qualifications include:

  • A desire to be a part of the Colorado aerospace industry;
  • A proven ability to work hard, solve problems, and create results;
  • A willingness and desire to work in an industry that demands a high standard of workmanship and quality; and
  • Related experience or a predisposition to succeed in the above disciplines.


I am an aerospace company interested in S2S

As you identify needs for employees who may qualify for an S2S grant, contact eSpace through the link below. As you begin to identify potential candidates for a role, contact eSpace to determine whether they qualify for an S2S grant.

contact eSpace

I am a potential candidate interested in S2S

If you have a desire to contribute to the aerospace workforce through the S2S program, please contact us through the email link below. Please attach a resume or job history and a brief explanation of why you believe you merit this opportunity. We will get back to you quickly to let you know how you can fit into the program.

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I represent a high school, community college,technical school, or four-year college that is interested in S2S.

If you would like to partner with eSpace to have us present our programs to your staff and student body, please contact us through the email link below.

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