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Fertile Ground:

That aerospace is fertile ground for the formation of entrepreneurial companies.

Innovation Engines:

That entrepreneurial space companies are a national resource. They are "innovation engines," creating technologies that transform how we reach and utilize space.

Source for Important Technologies:

That entrepreneurial space companies are an important source for technologies and innovations that can improve life on earth.

Education from Partnership:

That the most effective education comes through partnerships between academia and industry, and that by educating the aerospace workforce through such a collaboration, we can help create individuals who are extraordinarily well qualified to support our aerospace industry into the next millennium.

eSpace Impact:

That by serving as a catalyst to the formation of entrepreneurial space companies, eSpace will stimulate a thriving entrepreneurial aerospace community that will support the development of a fresh, diversified aerospace workforce and commercialize new, important technologies that will change how we get to, explore, and utilize space, making it more accessible and affordable.