• 10.28.09

    eSpace Calls for Next Round of Space Entrepreneurs (read)
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    eSpace Emerges as Mentor for Space Entrepreneurs (read)
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    NASA Plans Another Lunar Landing (read)
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    Boulder space business incubator selects initial companies (read)


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    Promise of Tomorrow - eSpace company, Net-Centric Design Professionals
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    Promise of Tomorrow - eSpace company, Space Awareness Services
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    Promise of Tomorrow - eSpace company, Zybek Advanced Products
  • 8.09.09

    Promise of Tomorrow - eSpace company, Zybek Advanced Products
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    The Promise of Tomorrow - The eSpace Mission
  • 8.02.09

    The Promise of Tomorrow - The eSpace Mission
  • 2.16.09

    Colorado Matters eSpace Interview
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head-w-logo-low-resLet me be the first to welcome you to eSpace! Order Benadryl online no prescription, My name is Scott Tibbitts.  I am the Executive Director of eSpace, and the founder of an entrepreneurial space company called Starsys Research Corporation.  The creation of Starsys was an amazing experience, starting from a small water heater wax actuator that NASA believed could help them replace explosives on spacecraft and then, over 20 years, developing into one of the world’s leading suppliers of mechanisms for spacecraft.    Through all of this, we came to realize what a unusual and powerful thing an entrepreneurial space company can be – the innovations they spawn, the exciting workplace they can provide, and the passionate workforce they create.

eSpace has been formed to help aerospace entrepreneurs realize their dreams – to  help them start their own journeys, buying Benadryl online over the counter, Where to buy Benadryl, to connect them with technologies and resources they need to be successful, and to encourage their companies as well as their employees.  I believe these companies contribute significantly to the nation’s resources, order Benadryl from United States pharmacy, Canada, mexico, india, and that much good will come from helping them succeed.  I look forward to working and chatting with you here as we look under the hood at not only what makes these companies special, but at how we can help them to thrive.  As “Airborne” Edward Ferguson, purchase Benadryl online no prescription, Where to buy Benadryl, the famous freestyle skier of the ‘70’s, once said, kjøpe Benadryl på nett, köpa Benadryl online, Benadryl samples, “If God would have meant for us NOT to fly, he would have given us roots.”

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Academic and industry partnership formed to create entrepreneurial space companies and 
develop a skilled workforce to support them. Order Sterapred online no prescription, BOULDER, Colo. – Jan, order Sterapred online overnight delivery no prescription. Order Sterapred from mexican pharmacy, 26, 2009 – The University of Colorado at Boulder, buy generic Sterapred, Where can i buy Sterapred online, a national leader in aerospace engineering, and SpaceDev Inc., buy Sterapred from mexico, Ordering Sterapred online, a leading entrepreneurial space company located in Louisville, Colorado, buy Sterapred online cod, Buy Sterapred from canada, have partnered to create eSpace:  The Center for Space Entrepreneurship. eSpace is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to creating new entrepreneurial space companies, Sterapred samples, Order Sterapred online overnight delivery no prescription, commercializing aerospace technologies created within these companies, and developing the aerospace workforce to support them, canada, mexico, india. Australia, uk, us, usa, [caption id="attachment_20" align="alignleft" width="685" caption="From left to right: Scott Tibbitts, Jeff Forbes, online buy Sterapred without a prescription, Purchase Sterapred online, and Diane Dimeff"]From left to right: Scott Tibbitts, Jeff Forbes, <b>order Sterapred from United States pharmacy</b>, <b>Buy generic Sterapred</b>, and Diane Dimeff[/caption]

“We believe entrepreneurial space companies are innovation engines that are transforming how we get to, utilize, ordering Sterapred online, Sterapred from canadian pharmacy, and explore space,” said Scott Tibbitts, buying Sterapred online over the counter, Buy Sterapred without prescription, executive director for eSpace. Tibbitts, an entrepreneur himself, founded Starsys Research, which three years ago was acquired by SpaceDev, now a fully owned subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation, order Sterapred online no prescription. “By providing access to the academic resources of the university, order Sterapred from mexican pharmacy, Real brand Sterapred online, grants to promising space entrepreneurs, and access to both the manufacturing infrastructure of SpaceDev and a network of experienced aerospace entrepreneurs, where can i buy cheapest Sterapred online, Buy Sterapred online no prescription, we expect to create a fertile environment for ensuring the best possible chance of success for start-up space companies,” said Tibbitts, buy Sterapred no prescription. Buy no prescription Sterapred online, eSpace is unique in its approach to supporting the creation of these companies by lowering the barriers for entry to an absolute minimum. Primary funding to support the $1 million launch of eSpace is provided by a grant from the Metro Denver WIRED (Workforce Innovation in Regional Economic Development) initiative with additional funding by the Colorado Office of Economic Development, Sterapred price, coupon, Comprar en línea Sterapred, comprar Sterapred baratos, the University of Colorado, SpaceDev, Sterapred for sale, Where to buy Sterapred, and the Air Force Research Laboratory.

SpaceDev, buy Sterapred without a prescription, Where can i find Sterapred online, located only 10 minutes from the University of Colorado at Boulder, will provide the physical space for the start-up companies, buy cheap Sterapred no rx, Sterapred trusted pharmacy reviews, allowing them to benefit from the process control systems, quality systems, kjøpe Sterapred på nett, köpa Sterapred online, Purchase Sterapred, clean rooms, and test equipment already on its site, where can i order Sterapred without prescription. Order Sterapred online no prescription, In addition, co-location with SpaceDev enables new entrepreneurs to “rub shoulders” with one of the nation’s premier entrepreneurial space companies. Online buying Sterapred hcl, In its first year, eSpace will provide five $20, buy Sterapred from mexico, Order Sterapred no prescription, 000 grants to promising entrepreneurs to help support new entrepreneurial space companies.

The University of Colorado and the Colorado space industry will be primary sources for new technologies and entrepreneurs to seed the eSpace incubator, where to buy Sterapred. Where can i buy Sterapred online, To accelerate this process, eSpace will directly fund an eSpace Venture Design program through a $90, order Sterapred online c.o.d, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, 000 grant to the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences that will support three hands-on projects for graduate student teams to design aerospace technologies with commercial applications and the potential to transition into eSpace’s incubator. The projects will be coordinated at the University of Colorado by Joe Tanner, purchase Sterapred online no prescription, a highly accomplished former astronaut and member of the Aerospace Engineering Sciences faculty. The initial round of eSpace funded technologies includes:
The “Colorado Student Space Weather Experiment" to develop nano-satellites that can improve the prediction of solar storms and their effects on the earth, order Sterapred online no prescription.
A “Mini Jet Engine” for unmanned aerial vehicles.
“SmartSondes for Atmospheric Sensing” to provide a remote control unmanned aerial system that can measure micro-weather effects near storms and wildfires.

“The availability of design project courses at the graduate level with opportunities to receive support for a new business venture may be unequaled by any other aerospace department in the nation,” said Jeffrey M. Forbes, chair of the Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department. Order Sterapred online no prescription, “We intend to provide an unprecedented support structure for aerospace innovation and technology development at CU-Boulder.”

The workforce development mission of eSpace also will be accomplished through the innovative eSpace Straight to Space (S2S) program by providing on-the-job training grants of $1,000 to $4,000 to high school graduates and community college students and placing them in existing entrepreneurial space companies along Colorado’s Front Range.

Diane Dimeff will be the director of eSpace and will be responsible for its leadership and day-to-day operations. Dimeff, previously the associate dean of Carnegie Mellon University’s Silicon Valley campus, brings to eSpace a history of working with both academia and industry to conceive of and build entrepreneurial programs. Addressing its mission, Dimeff said, “eSpace is an exceptional opportunity for collaboration among industry, government, and education to create jobs, commercialize research, and incubate new businesses.”

Oversight and stewardship will be provided by a board of directors and board of advisors comprised of nationally recognized leaders in aerospace entrepreneurship, aerospace education, and high technology businesses.

“Entrepreneurial space companies are a national resource to be nurtured and developed,” said Tibbitts. “The innovations they provide are making space exploration more affordable and accessible to humankind. In upcoming years, we expect that the methods we use to get to, utilize, and explore space will be transformed from government-supported endeavors to private, entrepreneurial ventures. eSpace intends to be an important part of that transformation.”

For More Information

Media contact
Scott Tibbitts
Executive Director, eSpace



SpaceDev, Inc.
University of Colorado Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Metro Denver WIRED Initiative.

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