Academic Partner

University of Colorado

About the CU Aerospace program...

At the University of Colorado we apply a collaborative approach to both research and education -- emphasizing hands-on learning, teamwork, technical expertise, and system-level multidisciplinary thinking. At the graduate level PhD students are offered a one-year teaching practicum and may work with faculty in more than one focus area. MS students have the opportunity to work in teams on aerospace research projects designing, for example, a small satellite (DANDE or CUBESat), an interstellar dust instrument (CRIA), or human spacecraft habitat. Collaborative, multidisciplinary projects are also the focus of our capstone Senior Design course, which follows the life cycle of industry projects from conception, to design reviews, development, construction, testing, and analysis of results. Students develop in-depth technical knowledge, effective communication skills, and a systems engineering perspective that enables them to produce creative solutions to complex problems. Faculty and students also have the opportunity to explore commercializing their research and innovations through the Universityís partnership with eSpace, the Center for Space Entrepreneurship.

Business Partner

Sierra Nevada Corporation

About Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC)...

Sierra Nevada Corporation is a world-class prime systems integrator and electronic systems provider known for its rapid, innovative, and agile technology solutions.† Fast-growing and widely diversified, SNC is a high-tech electronics, engineering, and manufacturing corporation that continues to expand its impressive portfolio of capabilities, products and services.

Headquartered in Sparks, Nevada, SNC is considered the Top Woman Owned Federal Contractor in the United States. SNC employs an extremely talented workforce of approximately 2000 people most of whom are scientists, engineers, or technical personnel with college or advanced degrees, and all of whom are dedicated to satisfying our customerís needs. Its seven different business areas operate from 35 locations in 20 states along with numerous customer support sites located throughout the world.

SNCís Space Systems Group is an entrepreneurial space systems division that develops high performance, innovative components and systems that are changing how we get to explore and use space.