The eSpace Incubator Application

The process for selecting the ventures that eSpace will invite to participate in the Incubator involves a series of conversations between the emerging venture and eSpace. These conversations help both eSpace and the company to determine if two criteria can be met;

   (1) That the venture has the potential to develop into a viable space business, and
   (2) That the resources eSpace provides can help catalyze that success.

The process begins with this application, which asks some key questions about your venture and which are similar to questions an investor might ask.

To start this process, please fill out the following application as completely and concisely as possible. The reply for each question has been purposely limited to help you develop a concise message. It is fine to have incomplete answers for a question as the purpose is to provide a framework for further discussion.

Please do not share any proprietary information on this form!

If you have questions about the process, or are not able to respond without including proprietary information, please feel free to contact us.

Please limit responses to one paragraph.

1) What problem or opportunity does your venture address?
2) What is the product, technology, or service that uniquely addresses this problem?
3) Who is on the team and what experience do they have?
4) What is the potential market for your product, technology, or service, and what share do you expect to garner?
5) What is the current state of the technology, what is the investment required to bring the product or service to market, and who might provide the funding?
6) How would eSpace resources catalyze this opportunity?
7) Is there something else we should know in addition to the above?
8) How did you hear about eSpace?
9) How do we contact you? (*=Required Field)

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10) Enter the letters and numbers seen below to validate your request.
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We will get back to you with a response within two weeks.

Thank you
Diane Dimeff, Executive Director