The eSpace Incubator

The eSpace Incubator is a resource unique in the nation for the creation and evolution of entrepreneurial space companies. We provide an environment for the aerospace entrepreneur that maximizes the probability of business success by providing a suite of resources to overcome the barriers to entry for space technology companies. These resources include

 [+] Physical space,
 [+] Access to successful entrepreneurs as mentors,
 [+] Access to investment capital, and
 [+] Access to aerospace infrastructure, relationships and manufacturing facilities.

We Are a High-Yield Incubator

The companies invited to join eSpace are projected to have a high probability of success when supported by the Incubator. A Board of Advisors made up of experienced industry, entrepreneurial, and academic veterans evaluates proposals submitted by prospective ventures. Candidate ventures that (1) will be well served by the Incubator's capabilities, and (2) have a high probability of success when partnered with eSpace are presented with an offer of support. Each of these offers is unique in what eSpace provides to the entrepreneur and in the compensation received for resources provided.

The Entrepreneurial Space Environment

A model of Next Giant Leap's Lunar Lander
for the Google X Prize

The aerospace industry is fertile ground for the creation and development of aerospace companies. The unique requirements of spaceflight make the entrepreneurial environment unlike that of any other industry. Click on the tabs on the right for details.

The aerospace industry is traditionally viewed in terms of large space companies. Entrepreneurial space companies, and their associated workforce, play a major role as incubators for new technologies and workforce development in support of our national and commercial aerospace agendas.

Prior to eSpace, there has been no national resource forwarding entrepreneurial space companies. It has been an opportunity missed as small space companies are innovation, economic, and workforce engines that are not only changing how we get to space, making it more affordable and accessible, but are also providing technologies to improve life here on earth. eSpace brings together three powerful players - government, industry and academia - to bring structure and intent to the creation and development of these companies.

Resources Provided by the eSpace Incubator Can Include:

 [+] Partnership with an established aerospace business leader as a venture mentor;
 [+] Access to eSpace's extensive network of aerospace leaders, including high-level executives in small, medium, and large aerospace companies; government funding agencies; and aerospace angel and equity financing resources;
 [+] Physical space and resources at the eSpace Incubator location including office space, IT backbone, phones, meeting rooms, etc.;
 [+] Access to aerospace infrastructure on an at-cost, non-interference basis including quality systems, manufacturing systems, clean rooms and test facilities; and
 [+] CU Aerospace undergraduate and graduate students as a low-cost research and design workforce.

What is the Return to the Center for Providing this Support?

Our vision is to create a thriving community of entrepreneurial space companies, powered by a diverse and passionate workforce, which contributes mightily to our nation's utilization of space and commercialization of technologies that derive from space. As such, a primary reward for the Center is the successful creation of these companies and the workforce that supports them.

But beyond that, as with any entrepreneurial company, we believe that the best measure of our organization's success is its ability to thrive as a self-sustaining entity. It is important that our mission be accomplished in a way that allows eSpace to thrive and broaden its impact. As eSpace catalyzes the success of participating companies, we expect that a portion of the value created will be "paid forward" through a contribution to eSpace thereby allowing eSpace to continue and broaden its ability to support future ventures.

As a non-profit organization, eSpace does not contractually require the ventures we support to provide payment for our support. We do, however, work closely with the venture to identify the appreciation in venture value as a result of eSpace Incubator participation, with a recommendation that 5% of the value increase be contributed to eSpace to enable support of future ventures. In addition, if a venture mentor is engaged, the relationship is grounded in a small monthly retainer that is paid by the venture directly to the mentor to support accountability within the mentor-venture relationship.

Elements of the partnership are carefully crafted on a case-by-case basis for each venture that is invited to be a participant in the eSpace Incubator.

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