ACTA Technologies has developed a revolutionary new way to improve how spacecraft eliminate excess heat.  Its technology uses either nanotechnology or micro-electromechanical (MEMS) to improve heat transfer in satellites.   ACTA has developed nano-particles that can be added to heat transfer fluids to increase the conductivity of heat pipes, and other cooling systems, providing a revolutionary product that allows spacecraft to utilize higher-performance electronics without overheating. Terrestrial applications include potentially providing dramatic energy savings in commercial refrigeration and heat pipes for geothermal heating.   ACTA is also working on cooling electronics using "Hot Spot" management, embedded "Thermal Electric Coolers" and "Ionic Wind Devices." ACTA has won a National Science Foundation SBIR grant. For more information, visit www.acta-technology.com or contact Ed Clancy at Edward.clancy@acta-technology.com.