Net-Centric Design Professionals

Founders German Nunez
(standing) and Jerry Dinges

NDP (Net-Centric Design Professionals) designs and develops complex computer networks used for communications between spacecraft and end-user organizations on Earth. With an emphasis on bringing cyber-security, NDP ensures that satellite information gets to users at the right place and in the right format to enable timely decision making. Applications include the sharing of space-derived information (such as satellite imagery) to government, industry and academic users. For more information, visit http://ndpgroup.com or contact German Nunez at gnunez@ndpgroup.com.

Zybek Advanced Products

Zybek Advanced Products, Inc. (ZAP), an established engineering, system development, and manufacturing company, is expanding its advanced plasma business to include the production of “lunar simulants,” or synthetic moon dust, based on specifications supplied by NASA. Immediate applications of lunar simulant include testing the performance of landers, rovers, and other equipment bound for the moon. eSpace is also helping Zybek commercialize a technology developed from this work – an “Aerodynamic Impact Reactor” (patent pending) that breaks large solid materials into small dust size at several tons per hour. Applications include biomass processing, more efficient coal combustion, and other green technologies. ZAP has recently been awarded a NASA SBIR Phase 2 contract for producing six tons of lunar simulant and a Phase 1 contract to increase the fidelity of the Lunar Mare simulant. Commercializing the plasma process and AIR are a priority for these projects. For more information on Zybek, a woman-owned business, visit www.zybekap.com or contact Sheryl Genko at sheryl@zybekap.com.